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Customer Service

Customer Service and Satisfaction is what brings our clients back time and again. This is why we place such service at the very top of all the services we provide. We can be flexible to suit your needs and because of this we do not offer ‘set’ packages.


If you simply want us to provide cleaning and laundry services for a limited number of bookings or if you require us to supervise the property for the whole year, whether it is occupied or not – please ask for further details of our charges. The fees we charge are easily covered by a few rentals (if you choose to do so) and it is in both our best interests to make sure that each booking goes as smoothly as possible.  We have many clients who come back to us each year.

Our services include:


Key Holding – we have a box with a code outside the office for out-of-hours collections.


Checking the property every 2 weeks, inspecting for security and dampness etc


Flush all toilets, run all taps and showers to clear any stagnant water and to eliminate smells leaving fresh water in the pipes.

Prepare for all arrivals, making beds, putting out towels, etc. Switch on air conditioning/heating, boiler, fridge and appliances, also lights for a night arrival.  Providing a food pack if required.

Attending any appointment set by owner at the property to receive workmen or deliveries.

Check mailbox and remove any mail forwarding to the UK if necessary.

Supply and fit new gas bottles as required (cost of new gas bottle to owner plus collection).

General assistance to guests if needed in case of medical or police problems, etc.

On request rent-a-car bookings made on behalf of the guests.